Rawhead Rex (1986)

In the 23 years of this movies existence I never saw it. In my 22 years of watching horror movies I always wanted to. I remember seeing the box art in the video stores a lot in the late 80's and early 90's and being intrigued, but for reasons unknown never asked my mom to rent it. Time passed and the movie slowly disappeared from rental places and slipped from my mind altogether. That is until about seven years ago when I was reading some stuff on Clive Barker, whose three films I adore, that I came across the info that he had written the script for a film called Rawhead Rex. It all came rushing back to me. I got super excited, but it was too late the DVD was out of print by then and going for an amount I would not shell out. I thought I would never see this movie. For the next few years I read about it online and in books, and heard a lot of bad things about including some nasty comments from Barker himself and tried to convince myself it wasn't a big loss not seeing it considering all the reviews. Well... last night I had my cherry popped. And I must say that most of the reviews I'd read over the past few years where dead wrong. I fucking loved this flick!!Cheesy...yes, but it was wicked fun. And call me stupid, but an Irish trailer park? I always equated trailer trash with the United States! The kid even had a fucking mullet. I almost lost it. Anyway, sorry that the story about not seeing it is longer than my thoughts on the film, but all i can say about it is that it was a blast. review from PumpkinGetsASnake

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