The Bermuda Triangle (1978) Rifftrax Version

A more than slightly dysfunctional family goes for a cruise in the Caribbean in The Bermuda Triangle area. But what could possibly go wrong, especially with Miguel Ángel Fuentes aka Pumaman's trusty and somewhat murderous sidekick. But even the muscle from the Mayans....or was it Aztecs,...can't save this ill fated made for TV cruise. 

   Luckily Mike Nelson and friends are along with you on The Black Whale III to provide the funny comments and obscure references MST 3k fans will love. I have seen just about every episode of MST but this was my first Rifftrax and I was impressed, the guys prove they still have it!


  1. Love Rifftrax. I like it even better than MST3k. The Twilight ones are not to be missed.

    1. I'm just starting on them I resisted for a while because I miss the bots and the SOL but this one was great! Watching the shorts next.

  2. I gotta say, I have not been much of a fan of MST3K. Maybe it's due to the fact that it was never shown over here (Ireland), so I'm coming to the party kind of late, but my first experience with them was the Carnival of Souls DVD. CoS is one of my favorite films, and found the attempted piss taking to be just not that funny. Probably a bad place to start, I guess.