House (1986)

You Can Normally Tell How Great a B-Horror is by...the creation of a sequel. House is no exception. As a comedy-horror, "House" broke ground in the 1980s to set the bar higher for B movies. This was a must see B-horror when it came out. It is still good by today's standards, having stood the test of time. Good rock-n-roll sound track too. George Wendt as the quirky neighbor is classic, and William Katt, a very B actor, is perhaps in his finest performance (where's the Academy?). The baby sitting scene was one that I enjoyed as he tells the 3 year old, "How would you like to play with a nice plastic bag?" It is a must for any B horror movie collection. Notice the shadow of the boom mic in the closet? In fact IMDb lists over 2 dozen such goofs for this movie. Could make for a good drinking party to list all the goofs and then point them out as the movie progresses.  around $9.00 on DVD from Amazon


  1. This movie is hilarious. It came out at a time when horror - comedies were actually fun to watch. Movies like "House", "TerrorVision",
    "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2", "Evil Dead 2", etc. were all released around the same time and not only helped to reintroduce the concept of adding humor to horror films, but helped to improve the genre as well.

  2. Wow my wife always talks about this movie. I have not seen it yet but your post has me intrigued.

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  3. I actually watched this just the other day. It's always been one of my absolute favorites. Big Ben scared the shit out of me when I was little!

  4. I've been meaning to give this series another watch, as I haven't seen them since I was much younger. Back then, House 2 was more my style, but that may have had something to do with the excitement of actually seeing it in the theater. I remember seeing ads for House 4, and thinking to myself, when the hell did they even make a House 3!? Turns out House 3 was some unrelated film that was simply retitled in some venues. Sounds like the whole Dawn of the Dead/Zombie 2 debacle all over again.


  5. Yes sir, Richard Moll as Big Ben...and the Greatest American Hero....this is one of my faves. It doesn't hurt that it was done by Steve "potato sack Jason" Miner either.