Blood Hook 1986 Directed by Jim Mallon

Blood Hook (1986) As seen on our friends awesome horror site
Blood Hook Movie

   It’s an exciting time in Wisconsin and the annual Muskie Madness festival is in full swing. But someone wants to catch something besides fish, a vicious killer is hooking unsuspecting fishermen and dragging them to their death in the local lake. And of course there are a group of unsuspecting teenagers on vacation looking for a good time. They provide a perfect assortment of victims for the angry angler. There are a lot of campy characters like the weird locals and the stereotypical unstable Vietnam vet who was a staple character in a lot of movies back then. Inspirations can be seen in this film from Jaws, Friday the 13th, Rambo, Meatballs and a host of other pop culture films of the day.

  The horror-comedy “slasher” film Blood Hook was directed by Jim Mallon who went on to produce the cult TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000. In addition Kevin Murphy AKA Tom Servo of Mystery Science was also in the film crew of Blood Hook as the key grip. I am a huge fan of Mystery Science and have watched my VHS copies of the shows until most of them are worn out. Still I had never known Jim and Kevin were involved in Blood Hook until I was researching the movie for this review, and I’ve probably watched Blood Hook half a dozen times.
blood hook
Blood Hooks Victims Discovered

The 80s was a special era in film making and some of those films had a special cheesy goodness that can never be recreated in today’s films. Blood Hook is one of those films, and for me it brings back memories of staying up past my bed time to watch the late night movie on the local UHF channel. It’s not realistic, scary, thought provoking and not really that funny, but I always enjoy watching it. The cheese holds it all together!