Welcome to Spring Break (1988) AKA Nightmare Beach

Welcome to Spring Break (1988) SLASHER/SPRING BREAK MOVIE ! Directed by Harry Kirkpatrick AKA Umberto Lenzi
Watched this one last night on Amazon instant view and it's a lot of fun. This was another one I had forgotten about, but it's definitely a classic. Lots of T&A and gory death scenes and other beach fun !
Diablo is a biker gang leader executed for the murder of a young woman. A year after his death, it's time for Spring Break. Football players Skip and Ronnie head to the beach, where Skip meets Gail, the sister of the woman who was murdered a year ago. All the fun and glory of Spring Break, however, is about to turn into a living nightmare when a mysterious person in a biker outfit begins to kill people by electrocution. Could it be that Diablo has returned from the dead?
Heads bursting into flames, vigilante priests, and John Saxon. What do these things all have in common? Cinema gold! This film includes such memorable scenes as the overweight, drunk college football fan who jumps into the backseat of the Florida star quarterback's convertible yelling, "Yeah, gators!" Also, one cannot omit the exceptional scene in which the Florida wide receiver attempts to pick a fight with the psycho priest. The wide receiver touches the priests motorcycle and his head instantly bursts into flames.

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